Introducing the Orthopedic Side Sleeper Pillow

Designed to support your body while you sleep.


  • Orthopedic design for maximum support

  • Convenient ear pocket for comfort

  • Skin and hair-friendly cotton fabric

  • Maintains optimal spine alignment

  • Can be used to sleep on both sides

  • Machine washable zipper cover

Complete support for side sleepers

You won’t ever have to stack pillows or roll around at night in discomfort while trying to find the perfect side sleeping posture. With the Orthopedic Side Sleeper Pillow, you get an ample amount of cushioned support for your head, neck, and spine, thanks to its unique U-shaped design. The convenient ear pocket helps prevent friction on your ears, allows you to wear earphones, and ensures that the pillow stays cool all night.

Super soft and cushioned in all the right places, you’ll start waking up feeling refreshed, pain-free, and ready to take on the day!

4” height ensures proper neck posture
Soft yet firm orthopedic cushioning
Reduces pressure on the hips
Optimal side sleeping posture
Avoids pressure on your arms
No more neck, back, shoulder, or hip pains
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This thing is great. I love the support and hugged feeling I get when sleeping with this pillow. The small arm acts like a nice little bit of support when I tilt back when sleeping on my side.

- Deborah D

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Sleep in comfort wherever you go

The Orthopedic Side Sleeper Pillow is extremely light and foldable, making it the ideal travel pillow for side sleepers. The pillow fits right into your backpack or travel bag and opens up to offer head and neck support while traveling by car, plane, or train. The pillow is also handy in making uncomfortable hotel beds comfortable.

Can be rolled and folded
Helps sleep while sitting upright
Perfect for in-cabin luggage
Anti-bacterial cotton cover
Huggable design
Prevents travel fatigue
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I am a side sleeper and had neck pain and shoulder pain every morning. I’ve tried multiple types of pillows designed for side sleepers and none worked. My pain management doctor recommended this pillow and I’m so happy she did. Goodbye neck and shoulder pain.

- Tammy S

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
B Vandrick

I am so happy I bought the pillow. It has totally changed the way I sleep. I slip my arm under and can sleep in total comfort. I love the way it wraps around my shoulder and neck area. I can't express enough how happy this pillow has made me.


Had a vitrectomy on my left eye. So I have to stay on my left side to heal. My backs been hurting so I found this L pillow at a great price. Fluffy and has a good hold. I like hugging it also. And plus the shape keeps me from fully turning onto my back while I sleep.

Steve Stevenson

Works way better than it looks. I get a lot of tension on the right side of my neck and this blessed pillow helps me sleep quickly and wake up feeling relatively pain free.

Kathie jimenez

Wow, nice. I placed it over a rectangular pillow for side sleeping and that gives the lift (room) for my shoulder. I also enjoy using it to sleep on my back. It cradles you, so that feels comforting.


I was having intense neck and shoulder pain from my last pillow and the other pillows before it. I took a chance on this and it is perfect for me. It is not puffy, so my neck is at a normal angle. Love it.


All I can say is that this pillow is exactly what I needed for a good nights sleep. I have rotator cup issues on my shoulders and so being a side sleeper can be painful. With this pillow, I got a good night sleep and felt great with very little shoulder pain.

Amanda Bilyeu

pillow comes compressed and vacuum-sealed. It takes time for the foam inside to expand and soften. Seems lumpy at first until fully expanded. Very good support for someone who must only sleep on a certain side of their body. My father who has this has a cochlear implant on the left side of his head so he cannot sleep on that side of his body. this pillow prevents him from rolling over to that side while he sleeps as pressure causes him head pain from the implant.


My down pillow started to cause neck pain and headaches. One night with this pillow and no neck pain or headache! Price is very reasonable.

Janet Verisotosky

I ordered this for my bedfast mother. This pillow is in almost constant use due to that fact. It has not lost its shape or flattened out. It supports her wonderfully. She is very happy with this pillow. I love the fact that the pillow case is removable, so I can wash it.

Justin Goodwin

I've had really bad neck pain for a while and was very skeptical about buying this,but it actually works!!! It is so comfortable to sleep on and I wake up with no pain!!!